An exclusive Sporting Parents Webinar

Developing an Active Child

Hosted by
Eira Parry
September 29th
20:00 BST

Here is What You'll Learn

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Activity in the Modern World

We'll look at the stats around activity in the UK and what effect that might have on our children's long term health.

What's Sport Got to do with it?

We look at why children enjoy sport, but also why they might find it difficult or drop out.

Parents as Role Models

We evaluate our own influence on our children's behaviour and how we can make small positive changes to our own lifestyles.

Risk and Fear

What are the relevance of these two elements in our modern world and why should we be encouraging our children to indulge in risky activities?

Thinking Outside the Box

Does it have to be sport as we know it, or are there other ways of keeping active without wearing trainers or kicking a ball?

Making it Happen

How can we build activity into our daily lives without it being a chore or feeling boring?


About Eira Parry

Eira worked as a coach for British Rowing for 8 years, her remit was to find new Olympians. In this role she worked with athletes from age 13 up to 30, taking them from their very first outing in a boat, through to making it on to national teams. Many of Eira's former athletes went on to win European, World and Olympic titles. 

As part of her coaching role, Eira developed relationships with athletes' families, particularly their parents. And although she was all too aware of the importance of the parents' role in a young athlete's development, as a busy coach there wasn't always the time to prioritise their needs.

And thus High Performance Parenting was born. Working with individuals, clubs, schools, governing bodies and corporate networks, HPP offers a support service for parents of young athletes involved in any sport at any level. HPP runs workshops and webinars supporting parents to develop a love of sport and activity within the family.

Eira is passionate that the journey should be positive and offer opportunities for growth and learning, for children and parents alike. 

September 29th
20:00 BST
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